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About DragonZoom

Whether you need a job or need to hire someone in the medical or dental field, you’re in the right place. DragonZoom is a niche job board dedicated to the medical and dental industry. We connect job seekers and open jobs to make successful employment possible. From receptionists to hygienists to dentists and more, you can find a job or fill your opening quickly and easily on DragonZoom.

For hiring directors, hiring is most efficient when you target an industry-specific pool of medical and dental job seekers. List your openings on DragonZoom and find your next employee quickly and cost-effectively.

Job Seekers

DragonZoom is a better way to manage your job search. Dental and Medical Professionals of all types use the wide range of tools and resources we have to offer. Our technology searches openings and delivers relevant positions based on your preferences and anticipates the opportunities that would interest you. Spend less time searching and more time interviewing.


DragonZoom is a better way to find the right candidates. Zero in on professionals with a specific skill set using our resume search tools. Minimize the time you spend looking for new employees, reduce the expenses caused by unfilled positions, and get your team back to 100%.

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